for Personal Use for Gift for Souvenir for Karate Dojo

New arrival! Red tempered wood hanko.



plant material / reasonable price

Within the hanko history, wood is the oldest and popular for daily and business use still now.
Wood is hard and compact which easy to use for various layout.
It is mainly from Southeast Asia and Thailand.
This material is very cost-effective due to quantity of availability compare with horn or tasks.

  • $38 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $43 round / with cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $62 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)

Red tempered wood

Red tempered wood

ecology / popular

It is made of wood and synthetic resin by processing with high pressure.
This tempered wood's character is high durability and it can be used a wide area, such as decoration use, industry use and more.
In Japan, based on Indian mythology we sometimes call this material as "Agni".
This material also certified as a ecological material by Japanese ministry of the environment.
Very strong, but easy to stamp which is new material in new era.

  • $54 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $59 round / with cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $65 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)

black horn

Black horn

washable / popular

Black horn material for our hanko is made of Kurosuigyu cow's horn mainly from Vietnam and around that country in Southeast Asia.
This material can be used for a button for clothes, pattern for decorating knife's grip, chopstick, and/or accessories.
The cow's horn is cow's part of skin and its principal component is protein.
Kurosuigyu is most cost-effective in cow's horn material. Also the black color helps not to stand our red ink after you use several times.
We recommend this material to our customer who likes to choose a tusk, but feels white tusk is too expensive, and/or like black color than white.

  • $58 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $65 round / with cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $69 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)

Marble horn

Marble horn

washable / one and only

This marble horn's characteristic is this beautiful color of gradation.
Because of the natural material, the pattern won't be the same, and it can make your hanko the only one in the world.
Suigyu (water buffalo) is well known high-class material next to mammoth tusk.
We import this material from Australia and it limits only one hanko out of one horn.
The other part uses for jacket's button, comb, or fertilizer.
This material is durable and great for carve, and very strong not to worn down which is great for hanko.

  • $117 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $120 round / with cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $122 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)



washable / very strong / fire resistance

Titanium is essential material which is used for the Aerospace engineering requires advanced techniques.
Its strength, corrosion resistant, and durability, is very suitable for hanko material which can be used for a long term.
Titanium is also used as allergic free material in health field for artificial bone, artificial root of a tooth, and heart pacemaker.
It is not only durability, but also body friendly metal.

  • $102 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $142 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)

Black tempered wood


washable / innovative

This ceramic is a new material, soft ceramic which was made by arranging special polymer compound and filler.
This material's elegant characteristic, color, luster, and more are very similar with ivory.
Also, it has durability and no worry for the color change.

  • $78 round / no cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $125 round / with cap (18mm / 0.70inch)
  • $128 square / no cap (21mm / 0.83inch)


Kokeshi hanko

unique / souvenir

Kokeshi is traditional toy made in Japan.
The origin of Kokeshi is unclear, but some people say it represent the spirit of the mountains. Nowadays, Kokeshi is at many souvenir shops in all over Japan.
Kokeshi Hanko comes with stand which can hold Kokeshi stand in the middle.
You can put your Kokeshi Hanko with stand to decorate a room. Your name will be carved at the bottom of Kokeshi.
This Kokeshi hanko is very useful and also enjoyable as art work.

  • $88 round / no cap (15mm / 0.59inch)