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Place to visit in Japan


Hi, we have been living in Hiroshima over 30 years and Tokyo for 15 Years.
These places are we definitely recommend to visit while you are in Japan!

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Okunoshima (Hiroshima)

Okunoshima is well known as "Rabbit Island" which is located in the Inland Sea of Japan between Hiroshima and Shikoku.
It takes about one hour ride from Hiroshima station and you get on a ferry for 20 min.
During war, it was a chemical warfare production site.
Today, over 700 rabbits that roam freely and it is rabbit's paradise.
This rabbit island is very popular and family visiter enjoy playing with rabbits.
There is a hotel with hot spring bath, restaurant, pool (in summer), tennis court, cycle and walking path.
From the top of the island, you can enjoy the beautiful Seto inland sea views.
If you plan to visit Hiroshima for long time, why don’t you visit this “rabbit island”.
We recommend to go there early hour, so it is not crowded at ferry.

Onomichi (Hiroshima)

It is only one hour by Shinkansen from Hiroshima station to Onomichi station.
This Onomichi port town is a great spot for a short trip where you can enjoy both mountain and seaside.
You will enjoy walking in traditional town scape and the atmosphere, such as stores, houses, and temple.

Senkouji Kouen (Onomichi / Hiroshima)

After getting off at Onomichi station, you can catch cable car to Senkouji Kouen to a top of a mountain to see the great view of Seto Inland sea.
On the way back to Onomichi station, we recommend to walk instead of a cable car.
This mountain is known about "cat". You will see lots of cats on the way back.
Let's see how many cats you will meet. Can you find cats in flower garden???