$38 / $43 / $62

Wood is the most commonly used material for hanko. The price is reasonable.

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Red Tempered Wood

$54 / $59 / $65

It is made of wood and synthetic resin by processing with high pressure.

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Black Horn

$58 / $65 / $69

The beautiful glossy black buffalo horn is a precious hanko material.

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Marble Horn

$117 / $120 / $122

This marble horn's characteristic is this beautiful color of gradation.

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Kokeshi Hanko comes with stand which can hold Kokeshi stand in the middle.

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Japanese lacquer is an organic substance made from the sap of the Urushi tree.

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$102 / $142

Titanium has strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

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Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber is very strong, but light and used many different field.

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Gold Titanium


This titanium hanko is coated with golden color. The beautiful mirror finish .

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