Japanese Hanko Stamp

Original Stamp Just For You! Beautiful Japanese Wrapping Will Be Great For A Gift!

for Gift

Each hanko comes with beautiful Japanese wapping. It will be very fine gift. We have been receiving good reviews for our thoughtful service.

for Karate Dojo

Many martial arts dojo in the world use our hanko for their official certification. We can make various size hanko that are best suited for your dojo.

for Signature

The hanko signature is perfect for your art works. ( painting, photograph, sumie, shodo, gyotaku) We recommend you to use it when you write a letter.

for Life In Japan

If you are planning to live in Japan, you will need "Katakana" hanko for opening bank account and personal certificate. We will make the best hanko for your Japan life.

Special Kanji for You

We choose kanji that matches the pronunciation of your name. There are many meanings of Kanji with the same pronunciation. We will suggest the best kanji based on your request.

We can also add images to the hanko layout. Please email us if you would like to add an image.

for Karate Dojo

We suggest the best hanko for the Sensei of martial arts dojo. We recommend a square hanko for the certificate of qualification. We will show you the layout of only the name of the dojo or the combination of the name of the dojo and the name of the sensei.


Wood round hanko is 38 USD.
It comes with red inkpad and Japanese wrapping.
All shipping fee is 9 USD.

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We have everything from affordable wood ones to the latest materials like carbon fiber.
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Mr. Weber

"Hallo from Germany. With a big smile and many arigato mashite. I received your package yesterday. More than happy of your great work. Your passion in creating some personal Hanko is more than impressing. I will advertise your page and submit to others. You have for sure a fine business. My greatest respect and honor to you. Domo arigato mashite "

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